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Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules

Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules

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Health Tone is an innovative weight gain formula. It is a blend of herbs and natural ingredients that helps in building up muscles and increases strength. It also keeps you physically fit and makes you attractive. It is safe to use for both genders. Health tone capsules are ideal for people who want to keep their bodies looking a certain way and make them eye-catching. This innovative product is formulated for people who struggle to put on weight due to a weak appetite or fast metabolism. So, Health Tone helps you to gain weight in a healthy way as per your desire.

Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules work towards quick weight gain in various ways. One is by improving your appetite. When you feel hungry more often, you will eat more often. However, eating an unhealthy diet may push you towards obesity and several health problems as well. Therefore, always eat a balanced diet and avoid unhealthy foods while using this product. Another way of increasing weight is to increase the absorption of proteins in the body. More protein absorption means more muscle build-up and thus results in weight gain. It not only increases body weight but also makes you more energetic and improves your mood.

Another positive effect of this product is on your skin complexion. Slowly your skin becomes fair and pink. You will get glowing skin naturally. On top of this, these pills also improve heart health and reduce the risk of coronary heart problems.


Sailent Features Of Health Tone Weight Gain Capsules:

  1. Regular Health Tone is of 500mg
  2. Suitable For Both Men & Women
  3. 90 count capsules in each bottle
  4. It helps to reduce fat in the body
  5. Each capsule is 100% Herbal and Natural



  • Withania Sominfera 
  • Liquorice Root 
  • Vitis Vinifera 50mg
  • Asparagus racemosus 
  • Zingiber Officinale
  • Amoma Sulbactum
  • Syzygium Aromaticum
  • Cinnmum Ribes
  • Terminalia Bellerica



  • It will help you gain desired weight.
  • It will increase your energy level & keeps you fit.
  • It will improve your skin complexion & gives you glowing skin.
  • It will increase your appetite.
  • It will increase your body’s protein synthesis and absorption.
  • It will help improve your stamina.
  • Helps to build an attractive body.
  • No steroids are used in its making, so it is a 100% herbal formula.
  • Strengthens the digestive system. The food will be digested and absorbed more effectively.
  • It will help you gain weight in the right proportions.
  • It will improve your metabolism.
  • It significantly enhances muscle mass and bone density.
  • Safe for both males and females.



1 capsule three times daily for 1 month i.e., after breakfast, after lunch & after dinner with milk or water. 


Note:  Beginners should take once or twice daily to build tolerance, then after some time they can start following the recommended dosage of three times a day for the first month. Then reduce the dosage to two capsules per day in the second month and for the third month one capsule per day. For maintenance and permanent results, you can consume one capsule daily for an additional three months. Thus, the complete course is of 6 months.

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